order number for references

Hello everyone,

Now I have this problem, I’m working on a systematic review with 4 colleauges and they printed the references in a pdf file with order numbers from 1-6999 and they divided the references between them according to these numbers (e.g. 1-1500,…) 

I’m supposed to do the whole number of references (6999) and recheck with each of them …they selected references and sent me an excel sheet with these order numbers 

I’m trying to add order numbers for my references on Endnote but  I have to do that for each reference individually and it’s time and effort consuming 

Is there an easier way ? 


Can anybody help me …I’m a beginner here …

I think the only way to enter these numbers automatically would be to sort them in the same way, and copy them to a new library.  If you are lucky, the record numbers should reflect the same numbering scheme. 

Thank you I will try to do so…

it worked :smileyvery-happy:

thank you