"Automating" a large number of searches

I am a beginner in EndNote use (I was a RefManager user 4 years ago) and am running X2. 

I need to constantly monitor for new papers by a list of faculty members (150+) whose prior publications are in my reference list.

If I create 150+ individual searches for these authors, is there a way to execute these searches without manual entry (batch file operation)?

Can I create a single search with more than 10 search items where, using OR logic, I could search for many authors in a single search?

Thanks for any ideas.

 Are they from a limited number of institutions? Can you do this via the Author Affilitation field? 

They are all from one institution and I can successfully search for them individually. My issue is how to be able to run a lot of searches without having to take the time to run each one “manually” which is a lot of key entry/mouse clicking…

I can’t find any reference to author affiliation (or address) fields in Endnote even though PubMed does have th author address field. I am not sure I understand how your suggestion would address my need as stated above though. Sorry if I’m being ‘dense’.

Have you thought about setting up the search in PubMed using the MyNCBI account (free account) to save it?  Then you can log into PubMed periodically and run the search and limit it to the records added in the last 30, 60 or 90 days.  Here is info and tutorials on MyNCBI http://www.nlm.nih.gov/bsd/disted/pubmed.html

This might help if there isn’t a way to automate the search through EndNote. 


Thanks very much for the suggestion. I’m chagrined that I did not think of this myself. I’ve been out of academia for a couple of years & simply forgot about the saved search in PubMed. I’ll see if it is less limited in terms of search terms than Endnote is.

Cheers,   Jon

One of the choices in the search options for pubmed (in endnote) is Author Affiliation.  Third one down when you are in PubMed search.