Automating X7 with AppleScript

I’ve been trying to automate Endnote X7 on Mac OS and have been using automator.

It works to an extent, but it is fiddly to work out the UIElements etc. 

I can see from some older documentation, e.g. the EndNote Technical Scripting section of endnotex6machelp.pdf that there used to be AppleScript support.

However, I can’t find any sufficiently detailed documentation to do anything useful with X7 – is automation via AppleScript with X7 still possible? And is there any decent documentation anywhere?


In EndNote, click on the Help menu and select “EndNote X7 Help.” In the Help guide, you can search for AppleScript. Here you will find information on syntax and some examples.

Thanks for the pointer – there is one more function in the X7 help than in the X6 help, but it references Endnote X3.

What I’m trying to do is to make a Mac OS service that will:

Take selected text (a PMID)

Make sure the Endnote App is open

Make sure Endnote is connected to Pubmed

Select Pubmed from the options for online search

Clear all the search boxes

Make sure the top box drop-down menu is PMID

Fill the selected text into the top search box 


Wait to get a response from the Pubmed server

Assuming there is at least one result, download the results

Switch the OS focus to Endnote

I can’t see how to change which Online Search function is active, how to access the text boxes for the search fields etc. Do you know of any documentation that would help further

Dear Sir

I am also trying to automate some work in Endnote for Mac OS with Applescript, due to the significant amount of pdf papers and references that I have. 

I have seen the examples provided in the help and online documentation. However i have been having some difficulty to find information regarding using Groups with Applescript.

i have been having trouble to move Endnote records from one group to another group, to change a record’s group, and when I use the command “post records in” a certain group that already exists, a second group with the same name is created.

Could I Please ask you to point me to some information or examples about using groups with Applescript?

Thank you in advance


I combed the internet for a long time trying to get answers about how to use Apple Scripts with Endnote.  I finally figured out how to get some group information out Endnote with Apple Scripts. I figured I would tack it on here for anyone who comes across this.

I walk through the script at: