Availability of all what was in the List

I cite:

"This list will remain active until May 7th, 2008 while we transition. If

you have questions about the transition, or improvements for the forums,

feel free to post them to the EndNote Interest-List or on the

Suggestions forum."


… or on the Suggestions forum.


I only found fora about ‘Product Suggestions’. Considering the forum is a product, there could be anothe forum :slight_smile:

Apollogies for possible misplacement of question, alias suggestion:

Are there any plans to incorporate the huge amount of subjects posted in the list into these fora some time? If so, when?

As it is mentioned by many list members, it can be laborious to search for an answer between thousands of mails/digests (which I categorized by deviding them into mail folders) in favour for this forum. But will the past be lost if I delete my folders, now kept as a precious piece of information?

Thank you,


The archives are still available at http://lists.adeptscience.co.uk/endnote/.  I always first  google key words in any question I have.  Then you get it all - including the posts here.