Better keyboard support for x1

A while ago I suggest something very simple: a shortcut key to move from the groups panel into the main window of x1. This seems like a very simple addition. I don’t think this has been implemented yet. Has it?

I agree. We have the Hide/Show Preview on the screen, so please a Hide/Show Groups tab.


Collapsing the groups pane wasn’t quite what I was thinking of. What I was thinking of was something very much more simple. Just the ability to be able to shift focus from the groups pane to the main pane and back. Pretty simple. Pretty necessary. 

This has been implemented as of EndNote version X2.0.1. You can use the [F6] and/or [Shift] + [F6] to toggle between the Groups pane, the Library Pane and the Tabs (Preview/Search) Pane. If the focus is not on an individual record, you can use the Arrow Keys to move between records.

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