better keyboard navigation support

Shortcut keys are much quicker than a mouse. It would be great if EN gave better shortcut key support, especially switching from the groups pane to the main list pane.


Just upgraded to X2 and was disappointed to see that all the calls for better keyboard shortcuts have gone unheeded. What a simple thing to implement! I should not have to move to the mouse to go from Library to Groups to Preview. It’s basic. Why haven’t you done this???


This is something that we did work on for EndNote X2 but it proved to be much more complex then it would seem. Ideally, we will be able to add this for the next version and it will behave similar to the way the F6 key (on Windows anyway) works in MS Outlook; toggle among the various panes with focus given to the top-most list item or first field (in the search panel for example).

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

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I just want to add my voice to the calls for better keyboard shortcuts - urgently. I’m a new user and really disappointed that such an elementary feature is so inadequate. I would certainly never have switched to EndNote (from Zotero) if I’d known how much I’d need to move from keyboard to mouse and back again. It really isn’t good enough.

I’d like to see at least the following supported:

  1. Switch between panes on the main window

  2. Toggle between Show/Hide Empty Fields when editing a reference

Keyboard support for switching among the Library window panes is implemented in EndNote X2.01 for Windows. You can use the following keys:

F6 - Alt+P  - Ctrl+F - and the arrow keys

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team


Thanks for the speedy response, Jason. That’s very useful. I have X2.01, but couldn’t find anything about these shortcuts in the help file or manual. Anyway, I feel much happier now!

Thanks for these. Use them all the time now. Would just like to urge adoption of maxe’s point 2: Keyboard toggle between Show/Hide Empty Fields when editing a reference.

Yes you are so right! The keyboard options are very poor.

I fully support the request for keyboard shortcuts. For instance, when I am in the Search dialog box at the bottom, I would like to have underlined letters to let me call the Search, Options…, Match Case, and Match Words buttons. (After all, are such underlined letters not a part of a proper Windows interface design?) There should also be a way to toggle between the Preview and Search tabs without having to touch the mouse. Please free us as much as possible from this accursed instrument of torture that will maim entire populations of users all over the world as a result of millions of unnecessary hand movements.

Maybe being able to see the Preview below the Search panel would be very useful, as this would sidestep the need to switching tab.

In Endnote X2, you can toggle between the Search and Preview tabs using the following keys:

Ctrl+F and Alt+P on Windows.

Apple+F and Apple+Control+P on the Macintosh.

Jason Rollins, the EndNote team

This is an old topic, but this issue still needs A LOT more attention that it has received for the last 5 years. The support for keyboard options is horrible. I am using X4.

The Help says “A full set of key commands is available so that you can enter references without using the mouse. For example, to create and enter a new reference without touching the mouse.”

This is laughable, because after this, it lists 13 keyboard shortcuts, five of which are text editing shortcuts similar to Word, and the other are the standard browsing shortcuts.

Also, as is obvious from previous posts, the Help was not updated with other available shortcuts.

Is there any way to switch between Online Search and Local Library modes?