Bibliography issues

Hi there

When I was inserting endnotes I had trouble with the name of departments as it was treating these as authors the second time I referenced them e.g. Department for Children, Schools and Families it would insert just Department the second time. To fix this I was told to enter a comma at the end which worked and I thought the problem was fixed. Looking through my bibliography last night though I noticed that the commas have been picked up here and it now reads “Department of Children, Schools and Families,.” Is there any way of fixing this? I am using Chicago 15th A Style .

Any suggestions would be most appreciated.



 Instead of putting the comma at the end, have you tried inserting a second comma so the author field entry looks like this instead:

 Department for Children , Schools and Families

This may address the bibliography issue but  also recheck the format of the corresponding in-text citation as you may need to manually edit the citation in order to coax it into the proper format.

and manually editing it, in this case, means “using the editation” (right click in formated citation) and hiding the author and typing exactly what you want to see in the prefix box, including any commas.