Bibliography ordering for multiple entries by the same author


I have come up against a problem with EndNote styles, and am hoping somebody here might be able to help.

I’m working on a book project which contains multiple sources by the same authors, often written in the same year. These references currently appear in the bibliography sorted by author, year & title, with a, b, c etc after the date as appropriate. But the alphabetical sorting means that they appear out of order in the text itself - i.e. Smith 2013c appears before Smith 2013a.

I want to sort the bibliography on three levels. First, alphabetically by author, second by year, and third by order of appearance. I have checked the bibliography sort order options in my style, but this doesn’t appear to be possible - order of appearance doesn’t seem to be one of the options available under the ‘other’ menu.

Has anybody found a way to do this?

Well, in my experience, publishers define the sort order, and while it seems counterintuitive, that is the way is is supposed to be sorted. You can trick it - by incorporating a different field (usually manually manipulated for each publication) in the sort order, but it really isn’t worth it, and the publishers probably will reverse it, or make you correct it…

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In the “other” sort options you could choose a custom field and then add e.g. 1, 2, 3, 4 in the custom field for those specific records you want to reorder. It could be a lot of work and as Leanne says the publisher may have there own order or precedence.