Book title not showing in footnote

Dear EndNote forum experts,

I am a new user to EndNote, and I should be grateful if you could help me regarding a problem.

Certain references, appear without the book title. I think that this might be a bug, but I am not sure.

I have already made sure that the short form is not checked in the output style.

I have a personal bibliographic output style in which I did it on purpose to copy paste the full long reference style I use into the “book - short form” field. This is the style output for both long and short references : 

Author, Title| [Translated Title]|, Volume|, éd. Editor|, trad. Translator|, Edition ed.|, Series Title|, `ed.` Series Editor|, `vol.` Series Volume| , Place Published|, Publisher,| Date,|, Cited Pages|.

Even though the long and short styles for referencing books is exactly the same (because I specified so), the book title does is not displayed, as shown here :

Laforgue, éd. Guyaux, Paris, Presses Paris Sorbonne, 2003, p. 145.

The correct, full reference which should be displayed in the footnote is as follows :

Pierre Laforgue, Les fleurs du mal : Actes du colloque de la Sorbonne, des 10 et 11 janvier 2003, éd. André Guyaux, Paris, Presses Paris Sorbonne, 2003, p. 145.

Also, the editor’s name has been removed, and I do not know why. I want the first name, then the surname to appear in the footnote as displayed above.

How do I re-incorporate the title into the reference? I have checked the actual bibliographical entry, and the everything has been correctly entered.

Please find my custom EndNote output style in .ens format. Also please find attached a screenshot of my problem.

Thank you,