In-text short titles

Greetings all,

I would like to have in-text short titles automatically displayed when I have entered them in the reference, but have no title display if this field is blank.

Example, if I have several works by Hannah Arendt, I would give these short titles (i.e. LKPP, HC, OT)

Then, when I cite, I would like it to appear as (Arendt 1998 LKPP) (that way I can suppress title/date as needed).

I can get this to work by adding Short Title into the output style; the problem is, for every reference WITHOUT a short title, it enters the full title. I don’t want this; rather, if the Short Title field is blank, I would like it enter nothing.

This is for a chapter where I use many primary sources from one author, and want something more intuitive than 1999a, 1999b, etc., but am also using secondary sources that I want to cite in the standard way.

I’m using Chicago 15 B with X3 on a Mac.

Any help is much appreciated! Thanks :slight_smile:


Oooh - and with Apple Pages, not MS Office. Thanks!

Bump! Any suggestions are much appreciated :slight_smile:

Assuming everything works the same with regard to Endnote and Output Styles with Pages (I use a Windows machine and Word)

For some reason according to the help files in Endnote, this replacement is by design - from the help about that particular field. 

If an EndNote style is configured to use the Short Title field, and that field is empty for a particular reference, the normal Title field is used instead.

Hence, what I would do, is use a different field or edit the Reference types to use a custom field.  In a quick test, I used the Type of Work/Type of Article field, edited the citation template to use that field instead of the short title.   In endnote, you can move the contents of one field to another - so that shouldn’t be a problem either.  It is important to keep the | new fieldname| ( the | are the “forced separation” marks) You might also need a "link adjacent " in place of the space, if you find errant spaces now included in your citations. 

I have this exact same problem–with Arendt even! The suggestion that’s been posted seems cumbersome. It seems like we should be able to toggle the titles on and off more easily. 

Sorry, as just another user, I suggested the somewhat cumbersome fix. 

To get a more satisfying change to the program, I urge you to make suggestions to the developers thru the suggestions forum or via the suggestions page on the support pages.