Can not remove .pdf file attached to a reference

Dear sir/madam
I had a sync conflict. Browsed this forum and as per guidance of one post removed all files with the same name (found 2 files) relating to this reference. Even the pdf file that was attached from desktop has also been moved to another location. EndNote closed and re-started. Problem remains that attached file is still there with that reference. Want to remove that file but can not do it. Even I am unable to move the reference to trash. Kindly help.

Using EndNote 21 on Windows 10 Pro


Issue Resolved
Using EndNote 21.0.1 on Windows 10
In struggling to resolve the issue, I decided to clear my “trash”. Worked like magic.
My understanding of the issue: -

  1. In the list of “All References” as well as reference list of groups, deleted reference remains visible.
  2. The attached .pdf file also remains attached even if the reference is deleted.
    Seems to be a bug? Because even if reference exists, it should allow the attached file to be removed if required.

Technical team may like to see this issue.