Cannot find Journals terms list in tools menu.

Please can somebody help me!! I want to use abbreviated journal names and I have followed the instructions on how to do this before and it worked. However, I did something stupid to my endnote library and it is now corrupted such that when I go to Tools>Open Terms list> I only see two options which are authors terms list and keywords terms list and the journals terms list has completely disappeared even if I go through tools>define terms list, its not there. Please can somebody help how I can get it back because i cant abbreviate journal names anymore and I really do not remember how it got deleted. Thank you.

You can set up your journal terms list by importing the information. Refer to the knowledgebase article “Generate full or abbreviated Journal names” - note that choosing the appropriate list is related to your discipline/field of study.

I cannot follow this procedure because my endnote is not giving me the option to select ‘journal terms list’. 

Are you going to the Endnote toolbar and selecting Tools > Define Term Lists > Import List [in the Terms tab]. This should take you to the folder containing all of the Endnote term lists (by discipline/field of study). So you just click on the list or lists you want to import.

Yes, this is what I have done but my endnote X7 is only giving me option to import lists for ‘author term list’ and ‘keyword terms lists’. The option to import lists  for ‘journal terms list’ is not there. I hope you understand what I mean and I know this is a peculiar problem because I have tried to go through the FAQ’s and noone seems to have this kind of problem.

I think I have figured out what to do! I have to add the journal terms list by clicking on create new terms list. Some of the journals are not abbreviating i think because i imported terms list from ‘chemical’ and ‘bioscience’  but some of the journals from my field of food science are not in this list. Thank you for the help.

Yes, and make sure you LInk the journal terms list to the journal field…  - You may have to add a few journals to the list, which you can do thru the tools terms item.  – Also turn off the preference to update that terms list, as otherwise - when you import a new paper, it may create another line in the file which has the information for full name and abbreviation in the wrong column.