Cannot find the full text from IEEE

I don’t know why my Endnote cannot find the full text from the IEEE.  But it can find the full text from other website line Sciencedirect.  Does anyone get the same problem?

If you have set up your Find Full Text preferences* (refer to attached image) note that the settings will provide results from pubmed, Web of Science, and open URLs. It may be that the IEEE journal is not included. To maximize results if you are affiliated with a college/university (i.e., faculty, student, or staff) status then obtain the Open URL and URL information from the university’s library and enter it into the Find Full Text preferences dialog box. If you have already done this and still cannot retrieve info from IEEE it may be that your institution’s subscription does not include this journal.

Refer to the Endnote training video “Setting Endnote Preferences” at the two-minute mark for further information on Find Full Text and the URL/proxy server addresses. Additional information is also available via the Help option on the Endnote toolbar.


*Go to the Endnote toolbar and select Edit >Preferences. In the Preferences dialog box click “Find Full Text”.