Change (absolute) paths to file attachments - PLEASE BRING THIS FEATURE BACK!

I’m using “absolute links” to the file attachments and I would like to move my whole database (including all PDFs / file attachments) to another folder.
In older versions of EndNote there was a feature:
Find and Replace…; Select a field…; “File Attachments”.
With this feature it was possible to modify the file path to the stored PDF documents from ( e. g.) C:\Literature XYZ\PDF Documents" to “C:\Literature ABC\PDF Documents”.
I need this “find and replace feature”.


You could try/test "Find and Replace in “any field” - I am assuming the file path is unique to that one field - just not sure if the file attachment field will change since it is no longer in list.

Thank you very much for this hint. I just tested it but unfortunately it did not work. EndNote finds the path name to the file attachments in all references and asks if the occurences should be replaced. After clicking “ok”, EndNote tells me “Made 0 changes in the references” :frowning:
That means “finding” works but “changing” is not working.

I have the same need and the same questions. Please restore this function!

“File attachments/Convert to relative links” is not working on my PC (EndNote version 20.4.1). The “change paths to file attachments” is the only potential solution to fix this problem, and now I find that feature is no longer available in EndNote 20. Yes, please bring this feature back! Thanks.

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I (desperately) need this feature as well, and i need it enhanced so that I can transfer databases between PC & Mac (escape codes for spaces, slashes, and colons always cause problems. I used to be able to do this in earlier versions of Endnote & now I can’t figure out how i did it–until I pulled up an old version of X8 on the Mac & this find & replace works just fine on the earlier version–but apparently not on subsequent versions. Yet another example of Endnote devolving