Do FIND (&REPLACE) search for full path details in File Attachment field


For good reasons I would not want to discuss, we store PDF attachments in a physical space outside the endnote database folder (“data\pdf”) and thus use absolute links.

From time to time users with a default endnote configuration add entries (and attachments) that create a relative link (and thus a file copy in data\pdf).

In earlier versions of Endnote I could move all these files to our absolute link destination and change all “wrong” paths in the “file attachment” field with one operation using the “find and replace” function.

Now I discovered that in version X9 I do no longer seem to able to search for any typical elements of a file path : neither “internal-pdf” nor any strings before the final “/” (slash) are identified by a search in the file attachment field.

Is there any work-around that would help me to turn relative links to absolute ones (i.e., the direct opposite of the existing feature to turn absolute links into relative ones)?