Change arrangement of Author names (R Development Core Team)

Hello list,

I`m working with the R-language for statistical computing (in short: just “R”) and want to make an entry in my endnote library to cite the software. There is a bibtex file to cite R, but I´m not able to manage the entry for Author in endnote. The Author is called “R Development Core Team”, but endnote is changing this entry in “Team, R.D.C.”

Is there a way to fix the author names in endnote??? I`m working with endnote X2.

fyi, here is the BibTeX file:

    title = {R: A Language and Environment for Statistical Computing},
    author = {{R Development Core Team}},
    organization = {R Foundation for Statistical Computing},
    address = {Vienna, Austria},
    year = {2009},
    note = {{ISBN} 3-900051-07-0},
    url = {},

Thanks for every hint.


Put a comma after the author name.