Change colours in End Note UI

Would it be possible to let users change colours of backgrounds and text in the UI?
There are many people who need certain colour combinations for medical reasons.
Others simply prefer different colours. It may depend on their working environment.
The ability to set the background on the main references window and (separately) the specific reference card on the left.


Cannot agree with this more. The dark background with light text is really eye-stretching, especially for heavy users like me. This is the main reason why I stay with X9 which has light background with dark text. I would consider buying 21 if the background can be changed.

especially the dark background of the group column!!! makes my eyes painful after I spend five minutes working on my groups.

I am the exact opposite. As someone who works with video and photography a lot. I prefer dark backgrounds and light texts. I find the light side of the page is causing eye strain.

There is no one “right” answer. It depends on people’s eyes, their environment and their work flow. In fact, most programs have a light and ark choice for this reason. However, EndNote has one pane light and one dark with no adjustment, Is this designed to piss off as many people as possible?


I’m the same, preferring dark backgrounds. But at least in this regard, EN seems to have fixed it in one of the last versions. I have a complete dark interface here with the groups pane in a dark grey (like the menus, similar to the dark layout of this page here) and the ref list and details panes with an almost black background.

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They haven’t “fixed” it because only one panel is dark. Worse, many people want it light and there is no way to change the panels in either direction.

No, all three panels are dark here.

How did you manage that?

I didn’t do anything actively in EndNote. It just happened with one of the last updates. I suppose, like many apps nowadays it’s following the OS settings. In the Windows settings I chose »dark« in the colors tab:

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That has indeed turned the other two windows to dark mode. Thanks for that.

So now I have two dark modes in Endnote… the Groups window a dark grey and the other windows very dark grey/black. An improvement for me, but that is a global setting with will change other apps that don’t have their own colour controls.

The other problem is it doesn’t help the other person above who wants the groups’ window light, not dark.

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Agreed, the situation for light design lovers isn’t improved by that.
In my experience, the system settings as I have them work better as more and more apps and webpages turn to respectign this setting, which means less effort for me to enjoy the dark screen experience.

Is this addressed in 21?

Not as far as I can see…

Looking at gduffner’s example of changing to light or dark from the Windows settings, I tried a few things and came up with a solution I can work with.

From Windows settings choose Ease of Access and Color Filters from the menu list. Turn on the color filters. Then choose the color filter element or the colorblindness filter to suit you. I chose the Red-green colorblindness filter and my EndNote is now light. And my other programs are a bit more colorful, also, but not as bad as the black EndNote. Sorry I don’t know how to show an image.

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I can change it back easily when I’m not using EndNote much, so everything else looks the same as it was.

Under the Windows settings I chose High Contrast and turned on the high contrast with a theme of High Contrast White before I did the colorblindness filters.

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Hi, thank you for that tip, it make my day ! regards