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How do I change my outgoing email program to Thunderbird from Outlook?

This is an EndNote forum, not MS Outlook. But assuming you have Outlook and installed the program, launch the program and (for versions 2007/2010)  go to FILE > OPTIONS then click the “Make Outlook the default program for Email, Contacts, Calendar”.Exit then close and restart Outlook.

Sorry my original message was not clear. In X6 one can now directly email a reference. When I attempt this Endnote starts up Outlook. I want it to start Thunderbird.

I would assume thatb there is a setting in endnote to control this

If you selected the Create & Email option, EndNote should  launch your default email system, create a new email, and attach the compressed library file to the email.  CG told you how to change the default program to Outlook. 

But I guess you need to figure out how to change the default to thunderbird I guess. 

A quick google found some pages that might help you.  for example, you might try reading this webpage, which discusses thunderbird and other settings that might need to be set, to make it work properly? 


I’ve got the same problem as keithinoz.

I have set Thunderbird as default and interestingly attaching a compressed library works. This means the library is attached to a new mail in Thunderbird. However, when I try to email a reference via References -> E-Mail Reference a message pops up saying that Outlook is not configured!

I’ve performed every step from the Modzilla KB-article.

Any more suggestions what I could try?

 Have you run-through Mozilla’s support instructions “Make Thunderbird the Default Mail Client”?

At this time, the email reference feature does not work with Thunderbird. I have taken the liberty of adding this request to our Product Suggestions Forum.

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