Change the default attachment folder for PDF's


a scientist wants to save PDF’s using Find Full Text not in the .DATA folder but on a server. At the moment it is not possible, the PDF’s are saved automatically in the default attachment folder.

It seems there is no way to change the default attachment folder. Why? Would it be possible in next releases?

Thank you


I just upgraded to X7 and experimented with the pdf import function which has some excellent automatic features. To my horror I discovered that each imported pdf is copied to a separate numerically labelled folder in the endnote data/pdf folder.

PDFs already fill up a fair part of my hard disc. They are grouped by topic and I want to keep them that way without creating a duplicate in anonymous folders. Is there a way to change the settings in endnote, so that pdfs stay where they are but still can be attached automatically to an endnode library and used in the same way as if imported into the data folder?

Are there other options to bypass duplicating a pdf library when using endnote?