Endnote x7 relocated pdfs, change folder location for all attachments?

Signed up to ask this question, so thanks for clicking. 

I’ve recently moved home to finish my PhD and have taken my pdf folder with me. 

Endnote has been making a copy of the pdfs and storing them in a folder each, that pdf folder is now gone.

I was hoping to change the links for all attachments to point to the folder that I have all my pdfs stored in, e.g. the old link was 

E:\Documents\PhD\My EndNote Library.Data\PDF\2104714912\Gurnsey & Fleet, 2001.pdf

 and each had a different folder (bizarre btw, why not just have them in one folder?), now I’d like to change that striong, for all attachments to read something like

C:\Documents\articles\Gurnsey & Fleet, 2001.pdf

How can this be done? Even if could have access to the text file that stores all this info so I can edit the links in R or MATLAB…




As I understand it, Endnote is an SQL database and is set up to either point to the original location but defaults to bundle it in a “relative” folder specfiic to each record, hence the folder structure.   I don’t think there is anyway to automate reattaching unlinked PDFs, although you might be able to figure out a way to somehow edit the links and move them into the URL field in each record.  It certainly isn’t a “text file” though. You would probably have to export the records from Endnote (and you say the pdf folder is ‘gone’ so I am not sure the links will export in a way you can edit) manipulated and then reimported into Endnote.  

Endnote has a setting that would leave the pdf links to the originating folder, but it gets complicated if you then want to move the whole thing to a new computer (for example so they are on the C drive rather than the networked E drive in your example).  To move an intact library with PDFs in the relative folder structure, it is really best to bundle the library into the compressed .enlx (after making sure all the pdfs are in the library in the relative location in the .DATA folder as you described).  Then it unpacks on the new computer with all the links intact.  – Not sure that is an option for you any longer though.