Change the default 'reference type' EndNote X3 for Mac

I am running EndNote X3 for Mac OS X.  When I import references from the ‘Papers’ application, the default reference type is always ‘Bill’ whereas most of my references are actually journal articles.  In EndNote Preferences, Journal Article is my default reference type but they all appear as Bills.  Anyone else having this problem or know how to fix it?


Can you check to see what your default reference type is currently set to?

Go to the toolbar, select “Edit” then  “Preferences”.  In the Preferences dialogue box, select “Reference Types”.  Adjacent to the “Default Reference Type” see what is listed as the default reference.  To change the existing default reference, click the pull-down menu tab and select the reference you want.  Then click the Apply button and close the dialogue box.

I did that and the default ref type was already Journal Article.

But I think I solved my own problem.  It was an issue with ‘Papers’.  In the Export dialogue box, after selecting EndNote XML Library, I had to select EndNote 8 or higher as the Format (It’s default was EndNote 7). There is no option for X3 which was initially confusing for a novice EndNote user.  Selecting EndNote 8 or higher as the Format in Papers solved the problem.


Thank you! I had the same problem.