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Q (EN X7.3): I’ve set the Default Reference Type to another one than “Journal Article”, but when importing PDFs via the “Import” => “Folder …” function, each and every one one is nevertheless referenced as “Journal Article”. Is the default type applicable only when manually setting up a “New Reference” (of not much use then, methinks)? Can I change this behavior somewhere? I’d appreciate a solution, thanks.

Hi leragadu,

Can you provide a couple of sample PDFs or links to publicly-accessible PDFs that are not journal articles? We would be interested in seeing if we can accommodate your request.


Sharon Ennis

Hello Sharon,

thank you for your swift reply – but judging from your answer, it seems I have not made my problem as clear as I should have, so sorry.

For a colleague I have set up an EndNote project database into which she incorporates all sorts of PDFs which other colleagues place into a central fulltext archive folder for her. From there she imports them into EndNote via the “Import Folder” function. As most (though by no means all) of those PDFs are special government documents, I have customized for her one of the three “unused” reference types, and subsequently set that as “Default Reference Type” in her Preferences menu.

This works just fine if she were to use the New Reference menu command – but that she does not, now that EndNote has the Import Folder function, and automatic data imports from Web of Science or PubMed (I myself last used that when I ran EndNote under DOS).

A first step is always via the Import Folder (or Import File) function – and here the Default Reference Type stubbornly resets to “Journal Article” ( and therefore not displaying the respective field names correctly).

Of course she can then manually re-set each Reference Type one by one, or in bulk using the Find & Replace function. This she considers an unnecessary hassle, considering there IS this “Default Reference Type” function – one would think that this is what it’s for?

And so she asked me to inquire whether there is no other solution than those two mentioned above that I’d pointed out to her, some XML tweak or such?

I hope this clarifies the problem at hand: how to pre-set the Default Reference Type not only for “New Reference”, but also for EndNote’s local import functions?

Thank you,