Change the format of a date?

Is there any way to change the format of the date in an existing style so that 8/24/16 becomes 24 August 2016? 

Unfortunately, there is no setting in the output style that enables changing date formats. However, you could use Endnote’s “Find and Replace” function to search the library records and change the date format.

First, make a backup copy of your library for safekeeping before proceeding. Then go to the Endnote toolbar and select edit >Find and Replace. In the pop-up dialog box (see attached image) choose the Endnote field (e.g. Date or Year) and enter: 1) the date to be changed; and 2) the new date format. Click the “Change” button.

(Note: To facilitate identifying the date to be changed you might consider showing the field in the library window and sorting the field.)
find and replace dialog box.gif

This worked, thanks!