Citation has only one author

Usually first time citation is used, it shows up with all authors, but this one time it shows up with only author, et al. what happened to other authors and what can i do about it?

If you’re using APA 6th which seems to be what you mentioned in a prior post then what you’re seeing is the proper citation format involving multiple authors - meaning, all authors are listed for the 1st citation but in subsequent repeated citations will be listed as by the 1st author followed by “et al.” (and others).

There are 8 authors, yet only one shows up on first time I use that citation in the document. This has also happened with another citation. Is there a setting I should choose or change somewhere to prevent this from happening? Thank you.

You omitted mentioning the number of authors involved in your original post but per APA 6th guidelines citations involving references having more than 6 authors will list just the 1st author followed by “et al.”.

Thank you! Sorry, I forgot to mention number of authors. I was working til 2am and quite tired. Problem solved now. :slight_smile: