Two Author Names and Et Al.


I’m using Endnote X.82 on a MacBook Air. I have created a reference for an Edited Book with three authors. After the first in-text citation, the following in-text citations are reading as: “Author X, Author Y, et al., Year”, but I want it to only show the first Author’s name followed by et al., i.e., “Author X et al., Year”.

Is there a way to achieve this?


Assuming it would be unique, the citation author listing setting in the output style you are using should show 3 or more 1 author. See image 

Yes, I have those settings and it works for all other in-text citations with three or more authors, but for some reason does not work for this particular reference.

I suspect it isn’t unique then.  Make sure there isn’t another citation with the same first author in that year or your style needs to be using year a, b, c?