Citation Inserted Incorrectly

A student using EndNote X3 has had two problems: 

(1) a citation formatted correctly in APA6th in EndNote is inserted into her Word document with the author initials preceding the last name (only happens with this author). 

(2) a citation formatted correctly in EndNote (last name, first initial) is inserted in the document with full first name and then last name.  The author’s full first name does not appear anywhere in the original citation so I am not even sure it’s the author’s actual first name.

Any idea why either, or both of these are happening?  She is using a PC, Word 2007, and EndNote CWYW is set up for APA6th in her document.



The following FAQ touches upon this formatting behavior:  Either solution mentioned within the FAQ should address both instances that you’ve described.  Please let me know if this helps.

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the corrected link is here :

The student reports that this fix worked!!!   Thank you so much.