Cites with wrong format

Hi everybody,

I´m new in this forum. I´m writing my thesis with endnote x4 + word 2008 in a imac.

All my references are format with APA 6th style. In this format the cites would be write “Subname Author, year” . (For example: Black, 2010). Most of the reference are well cited. But some references are more problematic, endnote cited them like   “S.E. Black, 2010”, with the letters of the name.

I´ve checked the references thousands of times, i´ve imported them again, from diference databases…with the same results.

anybody can help me?

This is typically due to variations in the author’s name as entered in the library. The differences could be a subtle as capitalization, spacing or punctuation. For example, EndNote would not know that “Smith, J” is necessarily the same as “Smith, John” in the library. Because of this, APA is correctly listing the initials to disambiguate the author names in the paper. You can either modify the author names in the library to make them identical or you can modify the style to prevent it from ever listing the initials. Keep in mind that modifying the style would cause the software to format incorrectly if the authors were not actually the same per APA requirements. Please see the following article for details:

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