citation order problem

Hi everyone,

My biblio style uses the grouped reference with lowercase letter separator (i.e. ref1 , ref2 , ref3 are grouped as 4  in the bibliography but if in any part of the text I cite ref3 that should appear as  4c withing the text). 

I recently have added a reference to group  4 which now it’s composed by  ref1 , ref2 , ref3 and  ref4. In this way, when I cite afterwards  ref4 that’s correctly appearing as  4d , but since I want it to appear as  4a I moved it in the first place either by “converting to unformatted citation” and moving in the first place or by “edit & manage citation” moving it with the arrows, no matter what I do, but when I cite  ref4 afterwards in the text it appears as the whole  4 group.

Any idea why Endnote is behaving in this way? Pls note that converting everything to unformatted citation and rebuilding the biblio doesn’t work, nor converting only the citation involved in the changes…I think it’s simply the nth Endnote bug which is driving me nuts.

Thanks for any help

macOS 10.14.6; word 16.16.20; Endnote X9.3.3

What are the “sort” options of the output style you are using in both the citation and the bibliography settings?  

citations sort order: same as bibliography

bibliography sort order: order of appearance