combining two libraries


My co-worker and I are both creating an EndNote library (.enl) that we eventually want to combine / merge into one. Is it just a matter of copy-paste? What is the best way of doing this?

Also, does the ‘Find Duplicates’ tool only work when the entries are EXACTLY the same?  (e.g. if I export from Google Scholar and he exports the same citation from JSTOR and they differ slightly, will they be found as duplicates in order to ‘clean up’ the combined libraries?)

Thanks for you help in advance, 


Import one into the other, is the best way, discarding duplicates.  You can search for duplicates that escape by tweaking the duplicate preferences. I often make it something like Journal, volume and title or and authors, to find them.   Punctuations shouldn’t matter, but if the author has a UTF-8 character which is different from the ASCII versions, for example, they won’t match, and that is when I have the most problems with non-matching duplicates.  I have this habit of correcting the spelling of my colleagues French and German names, and then it gets imported again. 

thanks! sounds like that is just what we need to do.