Consecutive Citations by the Same Author


as I did a search regarding this topic, I came accros the post “Consecutive Citations by the Same Author - one bracket too much” ofphinchen in 1/12/2010 saying that indeed for citations by the same author in two different years the following problem arises: Smith (1999, (2001). 

I have the problem that it doesn’t at all omit the repeated author. For instance these two articles:

Mette, M.F., van der Winden, J., Matzke, M.A., and Matzke, A.J. (1999) 

Mette, M.F., Aufsatz, W., van der Winden, J., Matzke, M.A., and Matzke, A.J. (2000)

the intext citation is: Mette et al., 1999; Mette et al., 2000

But it should be Mette et al., 1999, 2000.

What am I doing wrong?



What style are you using?  Did you edit it?  If so please attach it. 

I am sorry, I did not check the response… I used the style attached…

New Phytologist Copy.ens (16.1 KB)

Yes, I can never get that citation to work unless all the authors are exactly the same, which makes no real sense to me.  I just use the edit citation> exclude author for the second one, to get what I am looking for (and I don’t worry about the semi-colon vs comma difference, if you do, then you need to hide both the author and the year and type in the comma-space-year for the second citation). 

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