Converting Manually Created References into an EndNote Output Style Manager Entry

Hi, I have written multiple articles with no reference management software (i.e. EndNote). However, the articles are formatted correctly to a particular style (in my case, in APA 6th Edition). I would like to do two things:

First - I’d like to copy and paste a single reference in my APA style into EndNote and for it to “recognize” the reference fields (Author, Date, Title, etc.) from the manually typed reference, and then “convert” it into the Output Sytle Manager template entry in my EndNote library. I don’t want to manually enter each field separately, as this takes an incredible amount of time. Since my references are accurately formatted, I’d love to simply cut and paste a full reference (and then ultimately a whole bibliography) and EndNote to convert them into a library entry so I can use the reference entry  for other papers, and citations, etc. 

Second - I’d like to upload my entire paper into EndNote with the correct Bibliography, and for my manually created in-text citations to automatically be converted into EndNote inserted ones, and of course referencing my “converted” references (as described the “First” section above.)

When I purchased Endnote, I assumed this would be an obvious feature, as many people who are entering into reference management software will have previously manually written papers. But, I can’t seem to find this feature anywhere, nor reference to it in a google search.