list of references in textform, automatic adaptation

I have a list of references in text format. Most are apa style, but styles may differ. 

Is it possible to feed this bunch of text trough endnote, and with minimal human input, get a reference list alphabetically ordered fully in  APA style?

thanks in advance for yours anwers

I know I can make a list of papers in any reference software, and get the bibliography, but I only have this list ready in text format in microsoft word. So I want to avoid having to make a new list in another software, like Zotero, endnote and mendeley, manually. Can feed in this bunch of text directly and automate the process?

Not easily, as the programs don’t  parse each component into the fields of the program without tags.  

Endnote’s website says this but you might prefer to read this previous thread discussing importing from a word processing file.

A mix of books and journal articles will make your job more difficult as well. and these aren’t  consistently formated. 

I suggest you consider downloading the books from a University library database and the journals articles from a database like pubmed.  It will be much less error prone than trying to manipulate raw text.