Copying RefMan database from one computer to another

We have RefMan12 installed on two work computers. I received a database of references from a colleague (ID# 889-50,000+) and the imported about 70 or so references into that database from Google Scholar. The software automatically assigned ID# 1-70 for those references. 

Now I am trying to open that database on the second computer. I can open the database but it only contains the original references (889-50000). Where did the other 70 go? Did I not save them to the database properly? Opening the database on the first computer still shows 1-70, but not on the second computer. Am I missing something?


    If the software gave the imported refs numbers 1-70 it sounds like they were imported into an empty database.  Whenever I import new refs, the software gives numbers to the new refs that start with the number one bigger than the largest existing number.