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I am new to endnote, so I am sorry if this question comes up often. Can endnote (or any other software that you know of) create reference records by scanning a word document that contains a list of references? That is, is it possible to take a list of references and have endnote identify the reference format (e.g., APA), and automatically look up and download extra information about each reference? I know that some online databases do similar things in order to link referneces to other documents, so I know that it can somehow be done. 


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There are instructions to accomplish this with the caveates in Endnote’s help and pdf manuals.  In X2 searching for the topic “Creating Structured Text Files that EndNote Can Import” The endnote faq and pointer to the relevent chapter in the PDF manual is  Basically look in chapter 7 of the PDF manual which is installed in the Endnote folder in the Program Files folder. 

Try (The site is in German but it’s pretty self-explanatory.)

You can paste your bibliography and export it to zotero or Citavi ( If needed, you can easily transfer it from there to EndNote.

Hope this helps.

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