How to export a list of refrences from a pdf file

Hi there, very happy to post for the first time

Thank you for letting me know how to import pdf with full citation to Endnote.

I have very important question, I guess, how can I export list of references from a pdf article/report, in another meaning how can I import list of references to Endnote.

As a researcher I usually like to save cited references of interesting article in my endote library for further reproducibilty.and I feel it would be fantastic if this can be done electronically by our lovely software.


There is really no way for endnote to easily identify and update from a pdf or word document, a list of referenced articles. 

Some (proprietary, ie, subscription based) database programs (I know Scopus is one) have the ability to export these records and subsequently import them to endnote.   Endnote can really only import information that is uniquely tagged, so the software can identify the individual components, reference type, etc or use a DOI or some of the unique information and and “find reference updates”.  

You can look at this old thread for some  other suggestions, but really, searching a database to down load relevant references is a much better way to approach building your references in Endnote.