customising fields - cant find appropriate data set


I need to customise a data set but It doesn;t seem to fit into government doc or manuscript. I have seen a tutorial on how to customise journals etc.but fields not appropriate.  I am using Version 5, and use Chicago 16th A, style. I havent found a tutorial that covers these types of docs…I just need a more appropriate data set to change. Can anyone suggest anything please?

It has these fields:-

Item number, item title, consignment number, record series(name) ,  repository record held.

It may have other fields such as accession number as well as consignment, but these are the main ones I use.

Many thanks

Hello Earthen

I am in Australia. Thank you but I have given up and since I cannnot connect to endnote web (spent ours with our distributor but something is blocking it) i cant see how this is possible. Basically my problem starts with the reocrd itself which is very complicated. I have decided to do it manually because there will only be one that has a common data set.

thanks anyway.