about custom field in Endnote x5

I don’t know how to set up a custom field like corresponding author, so I can display it in my library main window.  Could any one  can help me? 

In addition, I set up the pdf link in the main window, but when I click it , it didn’t link to the pdf file but show the reference details. So could anyone tell me how to set this character.

How to change the Library display to view the custom field.  You need to know what that field was originally called when you edited the reference type (ie Custom Field 1).  The from the Edit> Preferences>field display, you select that field to be one of the displayed fields. 

Second Answer: the display library indow doesn’t “link” directly (URLs or PDFs) but if you have your preferences set, the PDF should already be there on the PDF & quick view tab (you can turn this on and off from edit>preferences>PDF)?  Otherwise, with or without the PDF view tab, you can scroll down to the PDF field and open the PDF from there in the Quick edit view of the record itself.