One of the beauties of doing research with an iPad Pro (or similar), is how easy it is to take with you, to access your docs in the cloud, and update your references with Endnote Web.  Wouldn’t it be great if you could also CWYW while working on an iPad Pro (or similar)?

Ideally (for me), this facility would be compatible with Google Docs.

In the meantime, as a work-around, I carry-out my research in the field, then need to go to my desktop, download the doc and open in Word in order to CWYW, save and upload back to the cloud, hoping my references survive the trip… messy.

What are the chances of CWYW to work on iPad Pro?

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I cerntainly hope that will eventually happen for iOS.  I prefer to write on my iPad Pro, particulary when reading articles and marking them up.  

I would love to see an Endnote “Add-in” on word for iOS.  That would be ideal as well as split screen functionality in iOS.  

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I agree and I find myself doing the exact same thing.  I would love to see endnote as an “add-in” for microsft word on iOS

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Yes I just bought an iPad Pro for Uni as per all the advertising saying what a brilliant productivity tool it is for business, university etc.

But now I can’t do my essays on my iPad Pro because I don’t have CWYW in Word!!!

If you want people to continue using your product PLEASE make it available on the iPad Pro!!

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