iPad ideas

I would like to recommend functionality for iPad Pro to include Apple Pencil, Split Screen, and Keyboard Shortcuts.  Also, greater integration with Word somehow would be great.


I absolutely agree!! It would be great to have endnote work as an addon in Word for iOS.  Refme already has the addon! I could finally use my iPad Pro for everything if they added that! 

Split screen, Apple Pencil compatibility and Smart Keyboard (keyboard shortcuts) would be great!

I would also love to see endnote as an addon in Word for iOS.  Refme has already written an app for Word for iOS addon.  Would be great to see endnote there as well (and then I can use my iPad Pro for everything!

I would like to see this feature too, iOS is now version 10, since 9 you can splitview apps in the iPad, or search docs in the ipad spotlight, when will we be able to see that feature? Pleaseeeee