delete duplicate while concatenate keywords

I have to eliminate duplicates of references imported from two databases, but – at the same time – i would like to concatenate keywords, because the Keywords fields from both data bases have been tagged with additional keywords, which i would like to save all in the remaining database.

Any idea how to do this?

Thanks a lot!

BeG, from Lausanne University (Switzerland)

Once a keyword is placed into a record, and that record is saved, the keyword populates into the Keywords term list.

Removing the record where this keyword originated (even if it’s the only record with that keyword) does not remove the keyword from the Keywords list.

As such, if there are two databases which you wish to merge keywords for, and remove duplicates from, simply copy the contents of the database into the “remaining database”, which will Index all of the appropriate terms into the Term List, and then remove the duplicates.

The only other way to get a keyword into the Keywords term list without it residing in a record is to simply manually add it to the Keyword list.

I hope this helps.