Batch addition of keywords to a selection of entries - is it possible.

Just wondering if it is possible to select a number of entries in a database, and use some sort of batch edit command to enter keywords for all of them at once, without having to add the keywords to each entry seperately.  If so, how?



Greetings Jason,

You can use the “Copy Field” command on the “Edit” menu to perform this sort of global editing.  Before starting this process, I would suggest closing your Reference Manager database and saving a backup copy of the two associated files.  Once your database has been backed up:

1.  Open your database again.

2.  Mark the records that you’d like to include when adding the new keyword.

3.  Open one of these records and type the desired keyword into the Keywords field.

4.  After typing in the new keyword, click “Edit>Copy Field…”.

5.  On the Copy Field window, make sure it is set to copy the correct keyword.  Additionally, be sure “Marked Records” has been selected.


6.  Press “Copy” and accept the “Confirm Copy Field” window.

7.  Once the process has completed, you should be able to open any of the marked records to find your new keyword.

Please let me know if this works for you.

Best Regards,

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