Different EndNote Online options?

Hello, I teach EndNote to our users on a regular basis. At some point a little while ago it seemed there was the following options for online EndNote access :EndNote basic; EndNote with Web of Science Subscription, and EndNote for 2 yrs with purchase of EndNote desktop.

I see the current comparison table which only compares EndNote basic with EndNote online form desktop purchase. What about the version accessed with a Web of Science subscription-what is the capacity for that version (# references; size from attachments etc.?)

Also, with the new update (.2 for X7) there is indication of unlimited space online for references and attachments. So, is this version of EndNote online continously free or does it run out after 2 years?

Sorry about all the questions but these things don’t seem clear or appear to be changing.

Thank you!

Hi Alysa,

The three options or flavors of EndNote online as you described are still there. The Web of Science version of EndNote online has a max  of 50,000 references and 2 GB file attachment storage.

The X7.2 update does remove the previous 5 GB limit for file attachments in EndNote online. It is now unlimited file attachment storage (and no limit to the number of references you can store) in EndNote online for EndNote X7 users. EndNote online for EndNote desktop users is still set on a 2 year cycle, so nothing has changed in that regard.

Hope this helps!

Hi Doug, Thanks for the response!

So, for the EndNote online via EndNote X7 desktop (unlimited storage, unlimited references)…what are the options after the two years is up? Does the users EndNote online account revert back to the specs for EndNote Basic or Web of Science version (depending on access to WOS)?  It’s not clear what they are expected to do after that.


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Hi Alyssa,

After the two years are up, the EndNote online account reverts to the specs for EndNote basic or the Web of Science version if the user’s institutional subscription to Web of Science includes EndNote basic. If the user wishes to continue to have unlimited refs and file storage in EndNote online, they can upgrade to the current version of EndNote desktop at that time.

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.



I think you will need to rethink that model, since you no longer have a new program release every year?  I think it will lead to a disgruntled clientel, since we now rely on the “cloud” library interfaced with out desktop version, which I assume is not a basic feature?  Or am I wrong there.  

tiene que verificar porque ya se encuentra a actualizacion nueva verifiquelan y agreguen la nueva version

Hope this helps, please let me know if you have any questions.