General observation/maybe question about endnote basic online and citation styles

Hello all,

I am mainly posting this out of curiosity if it has happened to anybody else or if this was a recent change that I missed. I searched around and could not find anything so…

I have been using endnote for several years through my place of work. Mostly in conjuncture with Web of Science. I have always just used the online version (basic I guess?) and cite as you write. I always had access to a ton of scientific journal formats for citation styles, which is kind of important when you are constantly writing manuscripts for different journals. 

Anyway, it has been, I want to say around 6 months, since I used cite as you write and I went to use it today and BOOM only 21 citation styles which are pretty useless to me. 

After researching this I found that the free online version only has 21 citation styles and all of those ones I was using before came from the paid desktop version. So my question is, how the heck did I have access to those before?!? I guess I shouldn’t look a gift horse in the mouth, but come on, so annoying. I was wondering if anyone else had ever experienced this. It may be time for me to I guess pay up and buy the desktop version or find another cite as you write citation service…

Maybe you need to talk to your institution and maybe your version has lost access to their content? 

From the support website here:

"The local EndNote online Administrators also have the ability to update Styles for their site if EndNote online access is provided by Web of Science. If you have EndNote online access through your institution, you can contact your local Administrator to update existing Styles or upload new Styles.

Your EndNote online Administrator should be able to upload the output style following the instructions  below"

From that same support resource, it also appears tha that the Online version should have accumulated more than just 21 styles?  

“Once the style is created or updated, it will be submitted for inclusion into EndNote online.”

Hey Leanne,

I am guessing that is the most likely answer. Although, according to my research, the online version should have never had access to all of the different citation styles, so in general that is just very confusing. I kind of just discovered endnote becauce of web of science and was like “Oh hey, this is convienet, I will just use this”. 

Unfortunately, I am not at that institution anymore, although as an alumni I still get accesss to Web of Science, etc. Anyway, I will look into getting the desktop version. Thanks for the reply! 

If you still have access to WoS, thru the institution, I think you should have their styles collections thru Endnote online as well, so I would still ask your former institution library people who in my experience are usually the administrators).