Discrepancy with in-text cittation style

Dear all:

I have been struggling for this problem, hope someone has any idea of what the matter is.

I am using APA style, problem with in-text citation where I need only Author (without initial and year, and these have been set accordingly in the style

i.e. I need in-text to appear as Anderson et al. 1999

however, in my file some of the in-text cite are ok but some appear with initial

i. e.  C. K. Anderson  et al. 1999

I tried to change everything but still not working. Then i tried to open this is a separate new word file and tried to cite it, surprisingly it appears correctly (Anderson et al. 1999).

How come it can be two different in-text style and also two different in-text style in two different file? i am using the same APA outpout style thoughout.

Please helps


This is a perennial problem where you have used two or more references with Anderson and the style is set up to “dis-ambugate” them.  If all the Anderson authored papers are the same Anderson, you should copy one of the name and replace the others with it, as subtle changes can have this effect.  If there are two different Anderson’s then the behaviour is the correct behavior according to most publishers.  If you don’t want it to disambugate these citations, you need to change the output style settings, which again I emphasize is not the accepted way to reference these for most style guidelines).  

 in Endnote

'Edit>Output Styles>Edit ‘stylename’ and in “citations” section deselect ‘use initials only for primary authors with the same name’.

Save as to a output style name- (“stylename-without-disambugation”) and then go into the word document and either on the ribbon (word2007/2010) or run the format bibliography tool in word and select the new output style.