Does anyone have experience of connecting the the BNF (Bibliotheque Nationale de France)?

I am trying to organise this for my wife (who is using notices from the BNF’s Opale Catalogue). I manage to connect to their server and find notices but I know that the notices can be downloaded in several formats (Unimarc, Itermarc etc) and I have no idea a) what those are and b) how to use them when retriveing with endnote. The latter is important because it looks like endnote retrieves the “public display” notice which seems to me to contain far less information than the other formats in some instances. Any light shed on this would be great.

I also would like some pointers on how to import notices manually (I tried but Endnote displayed nothing. I also notices that although I have selected the UNIMARC format for downloaded notices, they seem to entail only pure separated  text anyway).

Finally, could you also tell me (newbie stuff, I know: sorry!) how I can tailor the “fields” of the database so account for all the parameters of a retrieved notice? I can see looking at some notices retrieved from the BNF that some of their specialist fields are simply ignored because they don;t fit Endnote’s standard ones. For example, when looking at notices for old books, the format of the book(s) is often mentioned on a BNF notice (IN-8, for example). So how do I make sure that ALL fields from a BNF notice get imported and displayed in the database please.

Sorry for such basic questions: my wife only uses BNF references. If I can’t get it to work properly with Endnote, she’s stuck.

Thank you for your advice.