Importing citations from a German llbrary catalogue

I selected a number of citations from the OPACplus system of the Bayerische Staatsbibliothek (Munich) <>, which offers the following formats: text, csv, EndNote, HTML. I selected EndNote and received all my citations in the body of an e-mail. I copied and pasted the file into Notepad and saved it in Unicode format. The entries look as follows:

%T Chaconne aus der Partita Nr. 2 d-moll Bearbeitung für Klavier = Chaconne from Partita no. 2 in d minor

%A Bach, Johann Sebastian

%X Urtext

%C München

%I Henle

%D c 2014

%P VIII, 35 S. :

%X Bearbeitung für Klavier durch F. Busoni

% 979-0-2018-0557-3

I went to File | Import | File…, chose EndNote under Import Option, and selected EndNote Import. Nothing was imported. I tried with EndNote Library with no more success. What exactly is the format that the library is using, with each field beginning with “%”? Is this possible at all to import such data. There is no relevant on the library’s website. Thanks in advance.

The Endnote Import filter uses the “%” tags, so you’re using the correct filter. The issue is probably from copying the emailed records and pasting them into Notepad. Instead of emailing/copying and pasting the records, the best method is to save the selected records locally to your computer in the “Endnote” file format. (Click the floppy disk icon to the right of the email icon to access the “save records locally” option.) Then proceed to import the records into Endnote.

Successful import result is shown in the attached image.

How simple things can be when you click on the right icon! Thank you very much for your quick reply.