DOI citation in references


I have written a paper where the publisher requires the DOI in the reference list. I cannot find a way to do this automatically from RefMan and was hoping someone may know a way for this to be done.



Hello Tahir,

In order to do this, you will need to modify the Output Style you are using to include the UNIQUE ID (DOI) field. In Reference Manager, click on the Tools menu > Bibliography > Open Output Style. Browse to the Style you are using and open it. Click on the Bibliography tab and go to the Journal Definition in the list. Here you can place the cursor where you want the field to appear and click the Edit menu > Insert Field. From the list, you can select [31] UNIQUE ID (DOI). You can then Save and Close the Style from the File menu. As long as the DOI is in the UNIQUE ID (DOI) field of the reference, it will be included in your document when you use this modified style.