Don’t override paragraph style definitions when updating bibliography

When you use CWYW in Word and format citations to add a bibliography for the first time in the document, some paragraph styles are added to the document, EndNote Bibliography being the primary one.

Once the bibliography is added, you can modify this paragraph style to make the bibliography match your document (font, leading, indents, etc.).

However, as soon as you update the bibliography again, EndNote overwrites the paragraph style and resets it to its own arbitrary defaults (over which you have virtually no control). This is extremely annoying.

When the EndNote plugin updates citations and formats the bibliography, it should first check if the paragraph style EndNote Bibliography exists in the document, and if it does, it should leave it alone. Only create a default paragraph style if it doesn’t already exist in the document.

yes, when it first started creating the word style, you could edit and it stuck.  Then it overwrote and then for a while it stuck again.  I hadn’t tried again recently.  Very frustrating.