Dots disappear in bibliography

Dear forums,

I’d like to add dots manually to my bibliography. E.g. it should be used for abbreviations.
Although a dot is inculuded in my template, it is not shown in the bibliograph.


Template: (Publ.,  Name, Year)
Result: (Publ, Name, Year)

How can I make the dot after ‘Publ’ visible? Thank you in advance.

Operating System: Mac 10.14.6
Word Processor: Word 16.32

yes, endnote likes to remove what it considers redundant punctuation.  Is the period in the name of the field or in the template? 

Hi Leanne,

I have added the period manually to the reference type ‘Book’ within my template.

Even if I add a period with the ‘Insert Field’-option, it disappears in my bibliography.

But what if it isn’t an abbreviation?  What output style are you modifying and which publication are trying to target?   

What do you mean with “If it isn’t an abbreviation”?

I just want to make the period after “Hrsg” visible.

Author* (Hrsg.,  Verlag, Year*) , Title* ( Auflage*), Volume, Place Published*|, Year*

It is a fully customized outsput stlyle and it concers the reference type of books.

I will play around a bit when I am finished at work, and working form home tomorrow.  

Dear Leanne,

do you have any further ideas on how to deal with the problem?

I feel very frustated with my situation. :confounded:

sorry,  – Well now I am working from home.  Can you zip your output style and attach it to a reply?  I did a quick test and got the full stop and comma assuming Hrsg., isn’t a “field” but is text.  

Thank you in advance, Leanne.

Attached you can find the style. (2.87 KB)

assuming in the file, HrsgAbbreviation, is your way to allow you to do a search and replace later, but you really want it to be Hrsg.,<space>  right?  

Try this one.  I changed the citation template and the book template and I retained the ., in output bibliography.  Not sure if it reflects everything correctly.  

DotsDisapear (2.39 KB)

Thank you so much!
Although I don’t understand the changes, it seems to work!! :smileyvery-happy: