Commas and dots between authors disappear

It only happens if I have more than one author in the author field.

For ex.:  Jack S., Duck M. will show in the bibliography as Jack  Duck M


Jack S. Duck M. will show as Jack S. Duck M.

And what I need is Jack S., Duck M.

Please help!

Did you check the “Author Name” setting in the Bibliography template (see attached image for settings).  To access the template go to the EndNote toolbar, select EDIT, OUTPUT STYLES EDIT [name of your style].  Under “Bibliography” locate and click “Author Name” then check the settings.

Also, for the comma between authors, check the “Author Lists” setting (see attached image).

Addendum:  When you close the output style file it will be saved as a copy (e.g., APA 6th Copy) so change the style selection in both EndNote and MS Word.